We're not dead

Despite popular belief the Gentlemen's League is still going strong. This might not be apparent by the amount of activity on our website.

If you've stumbled upon our humble abode and are trying to seek us out don't hesitate to join the Teamspeak server and strike up a conversation. You can find out more about our Teamspeak server by clicking the Teamspeak button at the top of this page.

If you prefer you can also leave us a message on our forums, registration is easy and we don't require e-mail verification.

Website moved host

I moved the website from Godaddy to Namecheap. The transfer is complete now, please tell me on Teamspeak if you find any more bugs. The Teamspeak URL link ( should be working too.

Website updated

I updated the steam page, check it out.

I also updated the forums to the latest version of phpBB. Report any issues you have on the forums.

Get on Wildstar cupcake!

Couple of us have started playing wildstar it's an MMORPG set on an alien planet.
Join the channel on Teamspeak for more info or just to shoot the shit with Wildstar ballers.

BF4 server location

We're moving the server location from London to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The reason is that our UK players are either not playing BF4 or had trouble with our BF4 server so there was no reason to keep it there anymore.

Moving it to Rotterdam will give the players that do play on the server a better ping and hopefully fix the problems for the UK players.


I just finished configuring a 32 slot BF4 server (32 players, 2 spectators & 2 commanders). You can find it by searching for

The settings are normal and the map rotation is all maps on conquest. I did this so when people click "Play now" they might be sent to our server. This weekend I will take a closer look at configuring the server and setting up procon.
For more info about BF4 check out the Battlefield subforum

I also bought a stash tab for our guild on Path of Exile.

See you in the game!

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